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About NIKARINA x100
[Image: x100.gif]

What awaits you on the server?
☻   No items affecting gameplay in the Donate shop (NO sale of weapons with LS, NO +16 enchanted armor and weapons, NO sale of skills, NO Epic jewelry).
☻   No Pay to Win and no patronage. To no one!
☻   Characters start at level 1 with Top-NG equipment.

Key Dates:
☻   Server start date: February 23 at 18:00 +2GMT.
☻  Test server is: Always ON. Or Off, whene admins do tests. Big Grin

Main Information:
☻   Profession is automatically chosen.
☻   Full functionality in Alt+B: shop, teleport, buffer, other auctions.
☻   Everyone starts with top NG gear.
☻   Automatic use of CP/HP and MP potions implemented.
☻   Premium buffs available with the purchase of one global premium.

☻   First profession cost - free.
☻   Second profession cost - free.
☻   Third profession - free.

☻   EXP/SP: x100
☻   Adena: x10
☻   Drop: x15
☻   Spoil: x15
☻   Seal Stone: x9
☻   Raid Boss: x5
☻   Quest: x15
Rates with premium account:
☻   Exp/Sp: x200
☻   Adena: x20
☻   Drop: x30
☻   Spoil: x30
☻   Seal Stone: x16
☻   Quest: x30
☻   Raid Boss: x10

*Attention! Premium account in a party works only if all party members have a premium account! 
If the conditions are not met, the drop is at a lower rate in the party, but you still get more experience with a premium account.

Server principles:
☻   There is no Pay to Win on the server in any form. The administration here is not boosting anyone!
☻   RMT is allowed on the server in any form. But remember, any complaint against the seller will be investigated and punished very harshly!

☻   TvT, CtF, DM, Dinamic PvP zone.

Sub-Class and Noblesse:
☻   Sub-Class does not require quest completion. Maximum of 4.
☻   Shortened Noblesse quest, ingredients sold for in-game currency.
☻   Respawn Noblesse RB = 6 hours (+- 30 minutes).
☻   Level of Noblesse RB and guards - 70.

Augmentation (Life Stone):
☻   Top Grade Life Stone drop chance from Tyrannosaurs - 50%.
☻   Chance to get skill from augmentation: Top LS - 10%, High LS - 7%, Mid LS - 3%, LS - 1%

Maximum enchant:
☻   Safe enchant +3.
☻   Weapon +16, armor +14, jewelry +14.

Clan System:
☻   All clan penalties canceled (except for disbanding a clan = 1 day).

☻   We fully allow RMT on the server!
☻   Unique rebirth system.
☻   The autofarm system is only for premium accounts.
☻   Full functionality Alt+B (Shop / Buffer / Teleport / Statistics / Class Manager).
☻   Up to 2 windows allowed.
☻   Champion mobs from level 1 to 85. Drop, Spoil x3 + 1 Medal 70%.
☻   Convenient and versatile GM Shop with items up to B grade!
☻   Convenient buffer with the ability to save profiles and pet buffs.
☻   36 slots available for buffs, all buffs last 2 hours.
☻   Global Gatekeeper quickly takes you to the most popular farming locations.
☻   Weight limit increased by 20 times.
☻   MP restoration per bank use - 1000.
☻   Protection against hacking your accounts! Hwid binding system / setting a password for the character.
☻   Offline trading, crafting.
☻   Invincibility after teleportation - 5 seconds.
☻   Player recovery on one account in case of critical hits.

Server Currency:
☻   Adena - main currency of the GM shop. Obtained from all monsters.
☻   Glittering Medal - can be obtained from events, champion mobs.
☻   Coin of Luck - can be obtained by making a donation to the project. Or purchased with PC points i game!

Commands available on the project:
☻   .menu - Additional player functions in one place: exp on/off, title with pvp/pk (live update), block buffs, auto pick up on/off, trade on/off, private messages on/off, screen text pop up like critical, damage and etc on/off, falling to textures auto correction, change password, repair character and auto potions (working with all potions).

☻   .boss - Simple and epic bosses in one place. Possible see alive status, dead time, boss lvl and clicked on boss name you can get location to the boss.

☻   .votereward - Vote system for reward.

☻   .bank - Adena and your chosen item exchanger.

☻   .sub - All sub-classes in one place.

☻   .dressme - skins system.

☻   .classs - opens class manager menu.

☻   .buff - opens buffs menu (same as npc).

☻   .shop - opens shop menu (same as npc).

☻   .gk - opens global gatekeeper menu (same as npc).

☻   .market - opens marketer menu (same as npc).

☻   .farm - auto farm feaature.

The administration reserves the right to make any changes. Heart

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